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  • Custom Handmade Cat Collar - Pink Joyful | Appleberry Attic
  • Custom Handmade Cat Collar - Pink Joyful | Appleberry Attic
  • Custom Handmade Cat Collar - Pink Joyful | Appleberry Attic

Cat Collar - Pink Joyful

Customized Handmade Cat Collars

Our beautiful, artfully unique design cat collars are all handmade in the United States. 

Our cat collars are absolutely extraordinary and are limited production.  Carefully hand-crafted, this Appleberry Attic cat collar is made of a durable, soft, high-quality, cotton fabric that has been designed by internationally-known artists and reinforced with multiple layers of a commercial interfacing for stability.  

Our cat collars are triple-stitched and reinforced at every stress point to ensure strength for your cat's safety.  While other hardware may look similar, we only use the finest. 

A side-release breakaway safety buckle has been used to help keep your kitty cat safe, the buckle will open under mild pressure - for this reason, this cat collar is not to be used with a leash. 

We understand the importance and need for reliability, and safety, our cat collars are uniquely designed and engineered to offer your cat’s neck a light-weight collar while providing comfort and safety. 

Premium and exclusive, Appleberry Attic cat collars really stretch the limits of impeccable artistry, design and manufacturing for your pet. 

At Appleberry Attic, we use only the finest materials to handcraft custom and very limited production items.  If you can imagine it, we can probably make it for you.  

Being a limited, handmade production boutique, you won’t likely see the same cat collar.  It also gives us the flexibility to manufacture custom cat collars to your specifications. 

Please message us through the “contact us” area and we will be happy to discuss your custom cat collar.  The goal of Appleberry Attic is to provide a very high-quality product that is both beautiful and unique combined with high-quality customer service.   


✔  Highly Adjustable
✔  Complete Line of 3 Sizes
✔  Contoured Commercial Grade Hardware
✔  Breakaway Safety Buckle

✔  Impeccable, Stylish, Handmade Quality 
✔  Stress Points Reinforced and Triple Stitched
✔  Super Cute and Comfortable
✔  Handmade in the USA 


 Small:  Fits a neck that measures 5" to 8".  Available in 3/8" width.

♥  Medium:  Fits a neck that measures 7" to 10". Available in 3/8" width.

 Large:  Fits a neck that measures 9" to 12".  Available in 3/8 width.

FITTING INSTRUCTIONS:  Measure your cat’s neck circumference while he or she is sitting using a fabric measuring tape.  Make sure the measuring tape is not pulled too tight or left too loose and is held where your cat’s collar usually sits.  Please allow two fingers of extra room around your pet’s neck.  We want your cat's collar to fit well so please let us know if you need help by messaging us in the “contact us” area.

CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS:  For best results, spot clean with mild soap and water.  Air dry only.

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