Appleberry Bow tie collars for dogs are handmade in the USA

Founded in 1995, Appleberry Attic™, LLC designs and manufactures it's own line of fun and stylish, yet elegant, top quality pet accessories.

Handmade Pet Leashes

The Appleberry Attic™ handmade pet leashes are filled with dynamic colors, patterns and unique blends of simplicity and sophistication. The Appleberry Attic™ line has a novel style: contrasting yet coordinating textiles which instantly create different looks and moods for every season.

Appleberry Attic™ superior hand-sewn dog collars, leashes and more are designed and crafted in our main facility in North Carolina. The Appleberry Attic™ collection is not mass produced but crafted individually, by hand, with attention to detail and quality for our customers.

Best in Design Dog Collars

We use only premium designer fabrics to satisfy the savvy consumer’s desire for quality and style. Each item is carefully inspected before it is officially authenticated with the Appleberry Attic™ label.

And to make sure the journey from our home to yours is a safe one, we take great pride in our packaging, ensuring that our clients receive their items in pristine condition.

Proudly Made in the USA

Appleberry Attic™, LLC is proud to manufacture our pet accessory products in the United States.

From our plant in Wake Forest, North Carolina,  we're able to offer a personalized approach to customer service - providing flexibility and service to each customer. The quality and attention to detail that Appleberry Attic™ is known for are made possible because we're involved in every single stitch.

We're also committed to providing jobs in our community. Our employees hail from our local area and several have been with us since the very beginning, back in 1995!

So you can rest assured that when you order an Appleberry Attic™ pet accessory, you'll receive a one-of-a-kind creation made with love and pride in the USA.